Engineering Production

Engineering Production2019-08-09T11:26:06+10:00


SOFRACO’s Engineering Production Department has the manufacturing and fabrication capability to produce minor components to whole of system manufacture.

Our 700 m2 workshop contains a clean room for hydraulic or pneumatic work, segregated electrical and mechanical fitting bays, machining shop facility and hot work space. We also have a laser engraving facility to produce customised labels and certification plaques.

SOFRACO has manufactured many different items from single components under 1 kg to complex machines weighing over 14 tonnes. The company also maintains a similar facility in Freemantle to service customers on the Australian west coast.

Welding & Fabrication2019-04-23T09:40:54+10:00

SOFRACO’s experienced welding and fabrication staff work from in-house design drawings and have manufactured many items from simple brackets and frames to a full scale replica of part of an aircraft elevator.

Our welders are experienced working with various types of metals from pig iron to marine grade stainless steel and aluminium, and we have the facilities and equipment to mobilise our team to anywhere in Australia.


SOFRACO maintains in-house machining facilities – our finished products always meet supplied drawings and specifications.

Our experienced machinists and engineering knowledge ensures all components are produced on time and are compliant. Our machinists and lathe operators have all worked in the foundry industry and maintain a comprehensive understanding of metallurgy and casting.

Mechanical Assembly2019-04-23T08:51:49+10:00

SOFRACO designed and manufactured the prototype Emergency Container Jettison System (ECJS) for the Royal Australian Navy.

During security critical domestic events, RAN amphibious vessels have a requirement to carry low flash point fuels for tactical response. These are usually carried on open deck in containerised storage units. In an emergency these containers need to be jettisoned from the ship, without power and at trim and heel angles of up to 5° and 15° respectively.

The ECJS was largely a fabricated base and top frame containing multiple rollers and bearings for container movements, remotely actuated (non-powered) locking arms and pins for container hold/release and pre-tensioned springs for container jettison.

SOFRACO also designed and manufactured the DP300 brick press. Weighing approximately 8 tonnes, the press was assembled from over 300 components, including the large cast iron body, machined gears, shafts and cams, fabricated take-off tables and support brackets, bespoke controls and pneumatic lubrication and clutch control. After successful prototype testing of the first unit SOFRACO has manufactured a second DP300 and are anticipating to build another 4 to 6 over the next 3 years.

Electrical & Control2019-04-23T11:25:08+10:00

SOFRACO were engaged to upgrade the Replenishment At Sea (RAS) control system on HMAS Success with state-of-the-art digital controls, based on modern PLC and HMI architecture used extensively in many mission-critical industrial and marine applications. As the Australian agent for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (Hepburn Engineering of Toronto, Canada) SOFRACO carried out an extensive safety case and, working with Hepburn, successfully completed the design, installation and commissioning of the system.

The upgraded RAS system is configured with built in training and fault finding features and provides the operators with a greater degree of confidence through a more intuitive control system.

SOFRACO provided the Engineering Assessment, Detailed Design and Installation for the Integration of an Electronic Navigation Display System (NDS) across 8 Major Surface Vessels of the RAN fleet.

Additional power, air conditioning and structural modifications were required to meet Military Specifications MIL-S-901 shock ratings.

Facility Testing2019-04-23T11:09:14+10:00

SOFRACO has facilities and experienced personnel to put equipment through rigorous testing to applicable standards in order to attain the required certification.

Prior to starting we shall specify the type of testing to be performed , i.e. visual, x-ray or non-destructive testing, and what constitutes a pass or failure. For equipment we will check normal and emergency operation against specific criteria and issue a certified performance record. We can also work to NATA Accreditation Criteria (NAC) if required.

Installation & Commissioning2019-04-18T16:14:30+10:00

SOFRACO has installed and commissioned many systems and individual items of equipment including:

  • RAS Automatic Tensioning Control (ATC) system
  • Water Mist Systems 
  • Winches, Capstans and Anchor Windlasses
  • Emergency Generator Sets
  • Switchboards
  • Air Conditioning Units