Engineering Services

Engineering Services2019-08-09T11:12:17+10:00


Since 1988 SOFRACO has provided skilled engineering services to naval, marine and commercial clients.

With over 30 years experience our team of engineers, technicians and trades provide service to anything from mission critical systems to minor auxiliaries.

The company maintains personnel with a broad range of systems experience having specialist skills in Deck Machinery, Lifting Equipment, Hydraulic, Electrical, Fire Protection and Fluid Transfer Systems.

Supported by experienced professional engineers, SOFRACO applies a wholistic systems approach to address the root cause of system failure.

Hydraulic Services2019-04-23T08:53:17+10:00

All forms of mechanical and hydraulic equipment undergo strain, wear and tear during operation and, without proper inspection and maintenance of that hydraulic equipment, costly downtime and repair is imminent.

SOFRACO has experienced hydraulic personnel who have specialist skills in various types of marine equipment from deck equipment to complicated lifting and control gear.

SOFRACO’s in-house hydraulic service bays, located in Alexandria in the east and Fremantle in the west, provide a spotless and well organised working environment allowing for all-weather work without delay. Our mobile equipment and qualified hydraulic personnel allows us to service and install equipment on site.

SOFRACO’s Service and Repair includes:

  • In-Shop Repair of Pumps, Valves, Actuators
  • Field Service / On-Site Diagnostics Chart Recording
  • Programmed Maintenance. Failure Analysis
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Filtration Specification and Implementation
  • Complete hydraulic installation
  • On-site assembly, testing and commissioning
  • Ongoing site inspections and provision of technical support to ensure your equipment meets compliance standards as well as the safety and reliable operation of your equipment.
  • Engineering Calculations and Design
  • System Evaluation – Performance and Suitability
  • Product or System Failure Analysis
  • Implementation of Preventative Maintenance Strategy


Deck Machinery2019-04-23T08:53:39+10:00

SOFRACO has been responsible for carrying out the anchor windlass and mooring winch and capstan maintenance on HMAS Canberra and Adelaide for a period of approximately 5 years. This includes routine maintenance procedures as well as emergency repairs and defect rectification. The Anchor Windlasses and Mooring Winches consist of electrically powered Hydraulic Power Units powering hydraulic motors on the windlass/winch.

SOFRACO also carry out regular maintenance on winches, capstans and davits on other Naval vessels including HMAS Success, Sirius, Hobart and for commercial vessels including those operated by Serco Defence and Svitzer Australia. We also carry out load testing and commissioning of the equipment.

Lifts & Lifting Equipment2019-04-23T11:40:25+10:00

SOFRACO Engineering partners with multiple prime companies for maintenance services on elevators, lifts and lifting equipment on RAN Vessels. SOFRACO has recently participated in maintenance and defect rectification of the forward and aft aircraft elevators on board LHD class ships.

SOFRACO has been responsible for maintenance and defect rectification of the Ammunition elevator, Provisions Elevators and Food Lift on board HMAS Success. SOFRACO has conducted survey and defect rectification of the Ammunition Elevators and Air Weapons Magazine Hoist for MK46 Torpedos on board Anzac Class Vessels.

Fire Suppression2019-04-23T12:04:02+10:00

Water Mist systems are utilised for fire suppression in buildings, industrial and energy applications and marine and offshore platforms and vessels. A Water Mist system provides protection to machinery spaces, gas turbine and engine rooms, fuel areas, accommodation spaces, munition magazines, switchrooms and more.

SOFRACO performs maintenance and service of Water Mist systems fitted to LNG tankers, gas plants, superyachts, cruise ships and Navy vessels. The maintenance involves the completion of the OEM commissioning procedures requiring nozzle inspections, pump testing, filter testing, valve setting, control system analysis and discharge testing.

SOFRACO were the integration designers for the first Water Mist system installed on HMAS Manoora. The system was installed throughout the vessel in all compartments containing combustible material. SOFRACO also carried out the installation, testing, commissioning  and training of the system.

Following successful test and trials on HMAS Manoora, SOFRACO also carried out the design, installation and commissioning on her sister ship HMAS Kanimbla and HMAS Success. Water Mist was designed as a supplementary system to the existing Halon system, the by products of which are carcinogenic, corrosive and damaging to the environment. Due to the success of the Water Mist system the Navy were able to remove the Halon system.

SOFRACO performs periodic maintenance and testing on fire suppression systems on not only ships but also offshore platforms, and is recognised as a leading fire suppression maintainer.

Pumping Systems2019-04-23T12:05:19+10:00

SOFRACO is experienced in servicing ships cargo pumping systems. These systems consist of pumps, valves, filters and control systems, moving diesel, Avcat and water.

SOFRACO has performed maintenance and testing on large and small pumping systems installed on different RAN Class vessels from small landing craft to the large LHDs.

SOFRACO’s range of engineering skills enables us to investigate and solve pumping problems, source materials, make repairs, set to work, test and commission a complete pumping system or an individual pump.

Service Work2019-04-23T08:55:40+10:00

Alstom Light Rail are part of the ALTRAC consortium that are responsible for the integrated light rail system in Sydney CBD and the surrounding suburbs.

SOFRACO hold annual maintenance contracts to service, maintain, repair and inspect the equipment used within their Pyrmont facility. SOFRACO has also been involved with upgrade projects for Alstom most notably the ACU lifting frames which required input from our design, fabrication, inspection and calibration departments. A more recent project involved the design and fabrication of a proto-type safety braking system that will be incorporated in the new trains and trams due to be released in early 2019.

SOFRACO is involved with prime companies for maintenance services on elevators, lifts and lifting equipment on ships and wharfs.


Steering & Stabilisation2019-04-23T08:55:58+10:00

The steering gear and fin stabilisers on board RAN vessels provide a critical sea keeping capability to high performance hulls. These systems are produced by a range of manufacturers and
suppliers across the RAN and require absolute reliability and performance.

SOFRACO has performed planned maintenance and defect rectification works on many of the major hull types across the RAN fleet. These systems are all hydraulically operated and require hydraulic fluid filtration and polishing, seal repairs, pump testing/service and replacement, actuator repairs.

SOFRACO has a strong history in fault investigation for identification on steering gear stabiliser systems.

Control Systems2019-04-23T12:20:06+10:00

HMAS Success is an Australian Navy tanker, built in the 1980s, and fitted with a Replenishment at Sea (RAS) system. The legacy RAS Automatic Tensioning Control (ATC) system was an analogue control system with many of the components becoming obsolete and unsupported.

SOFRACO were engaged to upgrade the control system with state-of-the-art digital controls, based on modern PLC and HMI architecture extensively used in many mission-critical industrial and marine applications. As the Australian agent for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (Hepburn Engineering of Toronto, Canada) SOFRACO carried out an extensive safety case and, working with Hepburn, successfully completed the design, installation and commissioning of the system.

The upgraded RAS ATC system is configured with built in training and fault finding features and provides the operators with a greater degree of confidence through a more stable and intuitive control system.

Pressure Testing2019-04-23T12:24:52+10:00

SOFRACO has performed routine mandatory planned maintenance on multiple Defence platforms for many years. This activity includes the removal, test and calibration of pressure relief valves, pressure switches, temperature switches, pressure gauge and level indicators.

SOFRACO also performs major and minor defect rectification on LHD Landing Crafts (LLCs). Recently SOFRACO was contracted to troubleshoot the hydraulic tandem pump that was under performing and required overhaul.

SOFRACO have designed and built a portable hydraulic pressure unit for the LLC hydraulic system. The HPU was built to assist in hydraulic bow ramp operation when the LLC is out of the water.

Load Testing2019-04-23T12:11:27+10:00

SOFRACO offers load testing services for a range of equipment including cranes, davits, winches, bollards, fairleads, bitts, chocks and more. Testing is performed with the use of waterbags, weights or other methods.

SOFRACO maintains the capability to perform mobile load testing following the development of custom hydraulic power units and cylinders . The system has been used on several naval vessels across the fleet to provide faster and safer load testing during planned maintenance and for commissioning of repaired systems. The system currently has the capacity to apply 110 tonne of load with equipment in development to exceed this.

Project Management2019-04-23T12:09:43+10:00

Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing and controlling the work of a team to meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

SOFRACO applies project management principles to all its tasks, whether they be large or small. As a matter of course, a project’s objective quality evidence is always verified and checked prior to delivery.

SOFRACO has over 30 years experience in project managing a variety of engineering projects, especially in the marine industry.