Professional Engineering

Professional Engineering2019-08-09T09:50:45+10:00


SOFRACO maintains a broad range of engineering disciplines and, since 1988, has provided high quality professional services to defence, marine and commercial clients.

Our engineering design process is methodical and precise. Our flexibility allows us to accommodate any sized project.

From initial feasibility studies and safety cases to concept, detailed designs and upgrades, to eventual decommissioning and disposal, SOFRACO can service any part of the system lifecycle.

Our work can be found in many places – Naval Vessels, Tactical and Police Vessels, Antarctic Survey Vessels, Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms, High Volume Production Facilities, Heritage listed Bridges and Dams.

Engineering Design2019-04-23T09:18:15+10:00

We source the best people, the best materials and the best ideas to achieve the optimum outcome for your project.

In line with the relevant regulations and standards we carry out a thorough site survey to assess the size and shape of the available work space and catalogue any actual or potential hazards. Unlike some of our competitors, we will also schedule regular site visits throughout the life of the project so we can keep abreast of the conditions and progress.

Our experts do not work in isolation. Whether they specialise in structural, mechanical or electrical tasks, they are in constant communication to aid the integration of the project.

Finally, our experts in AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Solid Edge, Solid Works, Inventor, CorelDraw, MS Office will create your detailed design pack, including all the drawings, specifications, calculations, materials, site preparation data, installation specifications, schedules, costs and risk assessment advice you could possibly need. We aim to provide you with a range of possible solutions, such as ‘minimum cost’, ‘best use of resources’ and ‘money no object’. Even so, there may be some flexibility between these possibilities so we can guarantee you the best outcomes.

We also offer Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and through life support data such as maintenance schedules, spares requirements, obsolescence management and decommissioning requirements. This is what turns a one-off creation into an investment, giving you real value for money.

All the while, we are proud of our environmental awareness and we insist that our projects comply with the latest green standards. It is not unusual to see our project managers recommending products with the smallest environmental footprint.

Detailed Design & Feasibility2019-04-23T09:19:26+10:00

We approach every project with attention to detail. Our design process, proven many times over the years, starts with an overall assessment and feasibility study of your project. We gather as much information as possible and compare your idea to the outcome requirements. Our over-arching philosophy is that the project must meet all the design and life expectancy requirements and do it safely. Guarding the welfare of those who work on any part of our projects is our #1 priority.

We’ll carry out computer and concept modelling then review any basic site and logistics requirements. We will also incorporate any aesthetic and ergonomic requirements and then estimate the life expectancy of the finished project.

Once the project is deemed to be viable, we create a design concept for you. This may include a test report, basic design and project management information and approximate time and costing data.

Drafting Services2019-04-23T10:57:40+10:00

SOFRACO maintains exceptional electrical and mechanical design skills using AutoCAD and SolidWorks and produces drawings that are compliant with current Australian drafting standards and specifications.

If your project is at a more advanced stage, or if the proof of concept has already been delivered, we are still able to provide quality detailed drafting services. The same skilled technicians will bring your project to life with our state of the art software.

We also transfer and update old data and drawings.

Safety Plans & Risk Assessments2019-04-23T10:50:45+10:00

SOFRACO has produced safety plans and risk assessments since it was founded in 1988.

It is mandatory at SOFRACO that all projects and individual tasks are subjected to risk assessment. Being part of SOFRACO’s QA system, risk assessments are vetted and updated on a regular basis.

Safety Plans and Risk Assessments are not only produced to satisfy our clients but also to ensure that we at SOFRACO can track and audit our performance.

Systems Engineering2019-04-23T10:28:19+10:00

SOFRACO provided Systems Engineering including Assessment, Design and Installation for an Electronic Navigation Display System (NDS) across 8 Major Surface Vessels of the RAN fleet. Additional modifications (power, air conditioning and structural) were required to meet Military Specifications MIL-S-901 shock ratings.

SOFRACO were the integration designers for the first Water Mist system installed on HMAS Manoora and also carried out the installation and commissioning of the system.

Marine Surveying (DCV)2019-04-23T10:38:54+10:00

SOFRACO Engineering offers DCV survey services in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle areas.

Our services for Steel and Aluminium motor vessels up to 35 m length include:

  • Initial Survey including Plan Approval and Stability
  • Periodic Surveys
  • Advice and notification assistance with modification and alterations
  • GES 2014/04 – ISO to NSCV compatibility conversion
  • Safety Management System (SMS) development
Project Management2019-04-23T10:18:08+10:00

SOFRACO has many years of experience project managing small to large tasks on RAN vessels located in Sydney. Since the commissioning of HMAS Success in 1984 SOFRACO has project managed the overhaul, set to work, testing and commissioning of the RAS, Cargo and Watermist Systems during her refit periods.

SOFRACO has also managed numerous non-military jobs, always achieving the agreed completion date.