Through Life Support

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SOFRACO Services are performed to world class system engineering standards addressing affordability; operation; sustainability; transport; and environmental impact.

The company supplies all elements required to maintain a system including maintenance and operating procedures, spares support and documentation and training.

SOFRACO maintains a 24/7 worldwide support network providing us with a distinct advantage.

SOFRACO’s Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) services comply with the RAN Technical Regulatory Management System.

“Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is the disciplined and unified management of all activities necessary to produce a supportable system design and a reasonable support capability to achieve a predetermined set of measurable objectives within an acceptable cost of ownership.”

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Operation – Maintenance – Training – Specifications

SOFRACO has produced technical documentation for the RAN since 1988 including updating and producing new documents such as ABRs, TEMs, SOPs, SAs, TMPs, PMSs, MIPs and MRCs.

Recently SOFRACO was engaged to review, analyse and produce Systems Operational and Maintenance Manuals (SOMs) aimed at Ships Staff and in the new ANP format. The task involved ship checking, researching the source data and talking with ships staff to obtain the correct information.

SOFRACO has an enviable track record providing comprehensive technical documentation written to government or proprietary standards. Here is a selection of some of the types of technical documents we can produce:

Abbreviation Description
ABR Australian Book of Reference
CIB Captain’s Information Book
DCB Damage Control Book
EOSS Engineering Operational Sequence System
IPL Illustrated Parts Lists
MIP Maintenance Index Page
MRC Maintenance Record Cards
PMR Periodic Maintenance Requirements
PMS Planned Maintenance Schedules
SIB Ship’s Information Book
SOM Ship’s Operating Manual
SOP System/Standard Operating Procedures
STW Set To Work Procedures
TEM Technical Equipment Manual
TMP Technical Maintenance Plans
TMS Technical Maintenance Schedules
TRS Technical Repair Specifications
SSMP Systems Scheduled Maintenance Plans
MM & OM Maintenance and Operating Manuals
SEM Systems Engineering Manuals
TM Training Manuals
TG Troubleshooting Guides


SOFRACO was engaged by SHFA to develop and deliver operating, maintenance and training documentation for the Pyrmont Bridge and the Darling Harbour Carousel. Both the heritage listed bridge and the Carousel are over 100 years old and contain original equipment and materials. Both the Bridge and Carousel documentation was developed in conjunction with the SHFA engineers and maintenance personnel.

SOFRACO has the in-house capabilities to translate technical documents into English. 


Having created and installed your system, our experts will make sure your staff are trained on the appropriate routine, operational and maintenance tasks. From a simple face to face briefing to an integrated, bespoke training package, we ensure that you will get the most out of your investment.

We will train the operators, train the maintainers and even train the trainers. This can be arranged on-site or in the classroom.

SOFRACO has developed and conducted Operator and Maintainer Training on the Oily Water Separators (HMAS Success), Main Switchboard (HMAS Manoora), Watermist Fire Fighting Systems (HMA Ships Success, Manoora and Kanimbla), Replenishment At Sea (RAS) System (HMAS Success) and the Cargo System (HMAS Success). 

SOFRACO were engaged to develop and conduct training on the RAS Automatic Tensioning Control (ATC) system. It was presented by Hepburn and SOFRACO RAS specialists and divided between classroom and onboard ‘hands-on’ training. The training was aimed at the RAS operators and maintainers and concluded with a test and presentation of competency certificates.

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All engineering systems need maintenance and repair. In addition, operational systems may be pressed into roles for which they were not originally intended or the equipment may need updating and/or upgrading. So, until the advent of an auto-upgrade, auto-update system that never breaks down…you have SOFRACO!

Our global network of manufacturers, parts suppliers and design services ensures that the parts and spares for your equipment are never far away.

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SOFRACO’s Obsolescence Management process takes into account the life span of all the moving pieces of your complex system with a plan to replace obsolete parts as they age before their replacement becomes urgent. If not managed effectively, obsolescence will have a negative impact on your business, therefore, it is imperative to plan, monitor, forecast and manage the risk.

The financial impacts of obsolete components are significant and include redesign, engineering services and testing costs. The costs of repeated intervention throughout a system’s life largely exceeds the incremental costs associated with an obsolescence management strategy.

To mitigate the risks of obsolescence SOFRACO maintains the following strategies:

Reactive Obsolescence Management – addressing obsolescence upon receipt of an End-Of-Life (EOL) notice.

Proactive Obsolescence Management – for critical components that have a high risk of going obsolete.

Strategic Obsolescence Management – forecasting with long-term business case planning and development.

Obsolescence is inevitable, however, careful planning helps reduce its impact.